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Challenge #15: Yoga

Challenge #15: Do a 30 minute yoga workout.

There is no denying yoga has lots of health benefits. Try some out!

Step #1) Find a source for poses. The Wii Fit program has plenty of yoga poses, or perhaps you have a book or video. If you don’t have access to either, trying doing a web search for “yoga”. There are plenty of poses to try online.

Step #2) Set aside some time.

Step #3) Get into some stretchy but comfy clothes.

Step #4) If you have a mat, lay that out. Perhaps play some relaxing music.

Step #5) Do yoga!

Step #6) Post a comment here letting us know how it went.

Challenge #7: What You Eat

Challenge #7: What You Eat

Track what you eat for a week! You can learn a lot about your nutrition and eating habits from this.

Step #1) Find a tracking method…paper, a spreadsheet, or a program or website such as: sparkpeople.com or thedailyplate.com

Step #2) Track what you eat for 7 days.

Step #3) Post what you learn.