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November Giveaway Winner!!!

And the winner of the Up for It? November Giveaway…..winner of a $25 giftcard to Amazon….is……….

….drumroll, please….


Congratulations to Tara of 101 Goals in 1001 Days and 25 Hour Books! She will be receiving an electronic amazon gift certificate.

Thank you, Tara, for reading this blog, participating in challenges, and advertising this site!

Our next giveaway will be in January, but you can start particpating in challenges now to collect more entries! The next giveway will be for all challenges in the “blog” category. Each challenge will give you one entry, challenges from November to January will be applicable!

Need Prize Ideas for January Giveaway

I plan on running a giveaway every couple of months. For the most part, they will be on a smaller scale than the November giveaway.

Each giveaway will be devoted to a particular category of challenges. You must participate in at least one of those types of challenges to enter, and the more challenges you complete, the more entries you will get. The prize will be an item related to that category, and between $5 and $20 in value…with the average around $12.

Challenges of that type will be applicable for the 3 months prior to the giveaway. For example, if I was to host a Book Giveaway next June: you would need to complete a book challenge that was posted between April 1st and June 30th, each additional book challenge you completed from the April to June challenges would earn you an extra entry, and the prize for the challenge would be one hardcover book, a paperback that is new and pricey, or 2 cheaper older books.

The next giveaway will be in January. I will be doing the categories in alphabetical order, so blog challenges are up first. Blog challenges posted in November, December and January will apply.

I am looking for ideas for a prize for the blog challenge giveaway. I need something cheap ($5 to $20) that somehow relates to blogging.

Posting ideas will get you an additional entry to the contest (contest won’t be posted til January, but I will check back here). If I choose your idea, I will give you 3 extra entries.

November Giveaway!

To celebrate this brand new blog, I am hosting a giveaway for the month of November! Anyone can participate!

Prize: A $25 giftcard to Amazon.com

How to Enter: Click Here

Contest Ends: November 30th

Extra Entries

+1 additional entry for tweeting about this giveaway

+2 additional entries for taking my buttom (right sidebar) and adding it to your blog

+3 additional entries for posting about my giveaway

+2 additional entries for becoming a follower

+1 additional entry for EACH challenge you are an active participant in. This INCLUDES October challenges.

Being an “active participant” means you 1) complete the challenge and 2) leave a comment describing your experience. The comment has to be more than simply “done” or “completed” you need to describe your experience… ie. exactly what you did and the outcome. Your comment basically has to “prove” you did the challenge. Instead of posting a description here, you may leave a link to a blog page that has the necessary details.