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Challenge #17: GimmeYourStuff

Challenge #17: Make a “Gimmeyourstuff” swap.

GimmeyourStuff is a really awesome concept. It is an exchange of goods with someone from another country- newspaper, food, clothes, whatever you’d like.

The site, sadly, hasn’t been updated for awhile. However, I don’t know if they are still updating the links or not. In addition, there are a lot of “ambassadors” (ie traders) already listed- and many may be still interested in making an exchange, so it is worth a shot.

Step #1) Visit Gimmeyourstuff

Step #2) Read there how-to & follow the instructions.

Step #3) Keep us updated. If they post your link- let us know, if you find someone to swap with- let us know. That way other people who are interested know the site is still active.

I’m going to be shooting the owners an e-mail tonight. It is such a great idea for a blog, I hope they didn’t let it die.

Challenge #1: Send 3 Postcards on Postcrossing

Here’s your first challenge!

Challenge:  Send 3 postcards on Postcrossing, Postcrossing is a project that facilitates the exchange of postcards from random places all around the world. It’s free, and you get the same # of postcards you send. Who doesn’t love snailmail? Go on, give it a shot.

Step 1) Visit postcrossing.com.

Step 2) Sign-up for a free account.

Step 3) Buy postcards from your area (try to get ones that highlight your area if possible). You can find postcards at some grocery stores, you just need to look.

Step 4) Send 3 postcards.

Step 5) Post here and let us know what countries you sent them to.

Step 6) Return here and post another comment when you receive your postcards and let us know where they are from and if they have any interesting facts about the area, etc…

Here is your challenge….up for it?