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Challenge #13: Green Crafts

Challenge #13: “Green Crafts”- Make something from recycled material.

Making new things from recycled materials is fun, rewarding & eco-friendly. Try crocheting a bag out of plastic bags, or making a wallet out of candy wrappers.

Step #1) Search for “green crafts” or “recycled crafts” websites. Or check out one of links below.

Step #2) Choose something you want to make.

Step #3) Collect the materials.

Step #4) Make it!

Step #5) Post here! Links to pictures are most welcome!

You could give your craft as a Christmas gift!






If you use another site, please post a link!


Challenge #6: Make Something!

Challenge #6: Make Something

Take the time to handmake something….soap, a scrapbook page, a scarf, candy, jewelry, fimo beads, a fall craft, a paper crane, anything…

Step #1) Choose something to make. If you don’t have something in mind, learn a new craft. Search on google for easy things to make. Try easy fall crafts, or buy a craft kit for something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do.

Step #2) Make something!

Step #3) Finish it…I know, this will be the challenging part.

Step #4) Post here and tell us what you made, where you got the idea for it, if it was fun, and any other tidbits. If you post a link to your blog, flickr account, or other place with a picture, that’d be great.