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Challenge #23: Something New!

Challenge #23: Cook something new.

I’m always trying new recipes, but recently I’ve decided I want to expand the number of foods I eat. For this challenge, you should cook a food you have never cooked before…don’t just try a new recipe….you must pick a new ingredient!

Step #1) Select an ingredient you have never cooked with before, but are interested in trying.

Step #2) Find a recipe, or make your own up.

Step #3) Post the recipe!

Step #4) Make your dish.

Step #5) Tell us how it was!

Challenge #19: Bake Holiday Cookies!

Challenge #19: Whip up a batch of some holiday cookies.

Tis the season! Get into the spirit and whip up some Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, etc…cookies. Or if you are doing this challenge late, whip up cookies for the next upcoming holiday/festivity.

Step #1) Select your cookie type. Decorated is preferred!

Step #2) Gather materials.

Step #3) Bake cookies!!

Step #4) Optional: Take a picture. Then eat, share, giveaway your creations.

Step #5) Tell us what you made and how tasty they were! Recipes & pictures are encouraged!