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Challenge #27: Those Comments

Challenge #27: Respond to those comments!

Why all the blog challenges? I’m preparing for our next giveaway that will focus on blog challenges! You can start racking up those entries by completing the blog challenges and posting in the comments!

Go back and look through your most recent comments- perhaps the most recent 50 or so. Are there any that you didn’t respond to that warranted a response?

Step 1) Go back and look through your last 30 to 70 comments or so.

Step 2) Identify the ones you think you could have responded to.

Step 3) Respond to those comments!

Step 4) Try to visit at least 3 blogs/links left by your readers, if any.

Step 5) Post here!

Challenge #26: A New Day

Challenge #26: Create a new “day” for your blog

Let’s face it…often times we need some inspiration for our personal blogs. Try creating a new “day” for your blog. Pick a theme for a given day of the week, or day of the month, and try to consistently post about that theme on that day.

Step 1) Come up with a topic, theme, meme, etc…that you think you would like to discuss/share/etc…on a regular basis.

Step 2) Choose how often you want to post about this…every Monday? every 15th of the month? every day at 3pm? days that end in “5”?

Step 3) Create a name for that day and announce it on your blog.

Step 4) Complete at least one entry.

Step 5) Post a link to that entry here!

Examples of “days” from my personal blog include: Sunday Stumblers, Motivational Mondays, Wordle Wednesdays and Focus Fridays.

Challenge #25: Featured Blog

Challenge #25: Featured Blogs

Take one week, and each day make a “featured blog” post.

Step 1) Choose a blog that you think is good.

Step 2) Write about this blog on your blog.

Step 3) Point out what parts of the blog are good, tell us about the blog, try to round up some hits for the blog.

Step 4) Repeat steps 1-3 each day for seven days in a row for a different blog.

Challenge #21: Update Your Blog

Challenge #21: Update your blog.

I’m not talking about posting. If you are like me, you haven’t updated other aspects of your blog in quite some time. Pages, “about” sections, links, etc…

Step #1) Take a good look at your blog…click on links and pages.

Step #2) Take note of what aspects need updating…Is your about me section up to date? What about your links? DZP list? Other pages?

Step #3) Update some aspect of your blog. If you have nothing to update, you could add a new section that you have been meaning to add.

Step #4) Come back here and leave a comment!

Challenge #14: Participate in IComLeavWe

Challenge #14: Participate in IComLeavWe

Participate in International Comment Leaving Week. It occurs once a month, though you are encouraged to participate in November in conjuction with NaBloPoMo. Each day, you will need to comment on 5 blogs, and return one comment from your own blog.

Step #1) Visit Stirrup Queens

Step #2) Following the instructions for adding the code to your blog.

Step #3) Fill out the short form adding your blog to the list.

Step #4) Participate.

Step #5) Post your experience here!

Challenge #10: 1,000 Word Post

Challenge #10: Write a post for your blog that is at least 1,000 words

All too often, my blog posts are super small….how about you? When was the last time you posted a long and detailed entry? This challenge is to get you to write something of substance. I don’t care what you write, or how many topics you cover. Just post an entry that is at least 1,000 words to your blog.
Step #1) Write a 1,000 word blog post.

Step #2) Copy & paste it into a program (like Word) and do a word count, to make sure you are 1,000 words.

Step #3) Post a link to your post here, or if it is private, leave a comment giving us a brief summary.

If you don’t have a blog, try leaving a long note on facebook.

Challenge #8: A Better Blog

Challenge #8: A Better Blog

I was looking for blog challenges, and I came upon this 31-days-to-building-a-better-blog. while not all the steps seem applicable, some of them look useful, so I am going to give it a try.
Step #1) Go to the above site.

Step #2) Follow as many steps as are applicable to your blog.

Step #3) Post the results.