Up for It?

Are you up for the challenge?


What happens here?

Every week I will post three “challenges”. Readers are encouraged to complete the challenges, and then post comments describing their experiences. Readers are also encouraged to link to blog posts where they describe their experience, or have posted pictures.

What is the purpose of the challenges?

To broaden your horizons. To have fun. To relieve boredom. To challenge yourself.  Many of the challenges will involve bettering yourself, helping others, or educating yourself.

What kinds of challenges?

All different kinds of challenges will be posted.

There will be 3 types of challenges:

  1. Challenges I Find Online: I will surf the web looking for challenges that other bloggers post on their sites and tell you about them her, provide you a link, etc…
  2. Challenges I base off of interesting websites: If I come across a really neat blog or site, I may create a challenge around it…
  3. Challenges I Create: Sometimes I will come up with challenges that have nothing to do with a website.

Challenges will involve all kinds of activities and topics, but since I am posting them, they will to be focused on hobbies and activities I find interesting, such as:  reading, writing, blogging, crafts, snailmail, volunteering, health, movies, cooking, etc…

What if I don’t like a challenge?

That’s why I post 3 a week! If you don’t like or can’t do a challenge, you can choose one of the others or wait for next week.

What do I get if I complete a challenge?

The satisfaction of knowing you did, and the experience you had while doing the challenge.

Can I submit challenge ideas?

Yes! Please e-mail me at Flohk13@aol.com


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