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Challenge #29: Beauty Tips

Challenge #29: Leave a comment with 3 beauty tips.

I’m introducing a new category- Beauty Challenges. To kick off this new category, this challenge is about creating a list of beauty tips. They can be your own personal tips, or tips you do from a internet search, or ones you found in a magazine. Later, we will try out some of these tips as separate challenges.

Step 1) Look at the current list of beauty tips in the comments section (if there are any)- this way you make sure not to repeat any.

Step 2) Come up with 3 beauty tips- they can be about any aspect of beauty. They can either be either your own personal tips, or ones you found someplace else.

Step 3) List them here in the comments section.


  Tracy wrote @

I got three tips:
When colouring your hair at home, aqueous cream along your hair line and over you ears; the colour won’t stain your skin. Also if some colour does go onto your skin, simply wipe it off with the cream.

Make you own body exfoliate by mixing your favourite body lotion and some sugar. (works super well after shaving your legs). Apply the scrub to legs or arms rubbing gently. Wait about 5 minutes then rinse off.

Don’t pump your mascara,it will dry out and clump.

  opicana wrote @

Great tips! Anyone else want to join in?

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