Up for It?

Are you up for the challenge?

It’s Been Over a Month…

I know, I know…

I’ve just been so busy…I have way too many things I want to do. I don’t have enough time to do them all, and my friends keep bugging me about getting the other things done….when is the Maine trip info going to be released? When is the Disney marathon? When is the Firefly RPG going to start? When are you going to send out soaps? Have you gotten my letter?

But my rant about me and my ridiculous stack of projects is a post more suited for my personal blog.

I’m going to try to get this blog more active again, if I can’t manage 3 challenges a week, I will at least make sure to get one up.

You know what would help me get more motivated for posting new challenges? Having folks comment here and maybe do a challenge or two and let me know about it! 🙂


  taraSG wrote @

This just reminds me that I need to start working on all the challenges I already signed-up for lol!

  Stacey wrote @

Yippie for new challenges! I’m going to have to go through and get working :)! Thanks for doing this!

  opicana wrote @

Thanks for coming back!

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