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Challenge #14: Participate in IComLeavWe

Challenge #14: Participate in IComLeavWe

Participate in International Comment Leaving Week. It occurs once a month, though you are encouraged to participate in November in conjuction with NaBloPoMo. Each day, you will need to comment on 5 blogs, and return one comment from your own blog.

Step #1) Visit Stirrup Queens

Step #2) Following the instructions for adding the code to your blog.

Step #3) Fill out the short form adding your blog to the list.

Step #4) Participate.

Step #5) Post your experience here!



  Amanda wrote @

great idea!

  Tracy wrote @

All there abbreviations make me talk funny lol!
Am enjoying all the commenting

  Tracy wrote @

I failed this challenge horribly 😦 I had such a hassle posting comment to the blogspot blogs from my phone, that I would just give up and try again the next day.
Averaged maybe 3 a day. But i will try to leave more comments on the blogs I read. So many times I’ll read something and them just click past to another site.
Will try and join for each month. Not only do you get more exposure, but I visit sites I never would have kwim.

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