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Challenge #10: 1,000 Word Post

Challenge #10: Write a post for your blog that is at least 1,000 words

All too often, my blog posts are super small….how about you? When was the last time you posted a long and detailed entry? This challenge is to get you to write something of substance. I don’t care what you write, or how many topics you cover. Just post an entry that is at least 1,000 words to your blog.
Step #1) Write a 1,000 word blog post.

Step #2) Copy & paste it into a program (like Word) and do a word count, to make sure you are 1,000 words.

Step #3) Post a link to your post here, or if it is private, leave a comment giving us a brief summary.

If you don’t have a blog, try leaving a long note on facebook.



  taraSG wrote @

I’ll do this! Not sure when…

  Rachie X wrote @

I may do this one too… Writing that many words shouldn’t be too hard for me.. writing that many words of substance, however, may be a different story πŸ˜‰ Will brainstorm topics then let you know when it’s done. I usually keep my blog posts short because I figured people don’t have the patience to read long ones.. thoughts??

  Stacey wrote @

I did it! Will be up tomorrow morning http://saysomethingstacey.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/looking-back

  Recap of miscellaneous goals « Tracy's Topics wrote @

[…] also completes my Up for It Challenge # 10: 1,000 Word Post […]

  Tracy wrote @

Oh lookit that, the ping beat me to here, lol.
I agree with Rachie that I think people don’t read long post.
That said, I really enjoyed the challenge. I tend to ramble in longer posts. But since my topic was a recap, I could ramble on and on about the different goals. And I leanred where the wordcount button is in msword πŸ˜€ http://wp.me/pa3MU-7q

  opicana wrote @

I like reading the long ones.

  The 1,000 Word Challenge β€” Word Grrls wrote @

[…] This is Challenge #10 at Up For It. […]

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