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Challenge #8: A Better Blog

Challenge #8: A Better Blog

I was looking for blog challenges, and I came upon this 31-days-to-building-a-better-blog. while not all the steps seem applicable, some of them look useful, so I am going to give it a try.
Step #1) Go to the above site.

Step #2) Follow as many steps as are applicable to your blog.

Step #3) Post the results.



  taraSG wrote @

I’m going to shoot for doing at least half of these within a month from now, but I haven’t decided for which blog… maybe both my 101 and my book. So count me as signed up twice 🙂

  Tracy wrote @

Some great tips in there – getting started already.

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  opicana wrote @

I’m going to start this for this blog, and my personal one.

I’m going to compare the starting avg. # of readers per day to when I am finished, and we will see if it helped either blog.

Starting avg/day for Up for it?: 17
Starting avg/day for Opi’s Ramblings: 12

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  trainstar wrote @

Good luck with this. I already have a project this month, bit I will look into doing this next month.

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