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Challenge #6: Make Something!

Challenge #6: Make Something

Take the time to handmake something….soap, a scrapbook page, a scarf, candy, jewelry, fimo beads, a fall craft, a paper crane, anything…

Step #1) Choose something to make. If you don’t have something in mind, learn a new craft. Search on google for easy things to make. Try easy fall crafts, or buy a craft kit for something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do.

Step #2) Make something!

Step #3) Finish it…I know, this will be the challenging part.

Step #4) Post here and tell us what you made, where you got the idea for it, if it was fun, and any other tidbits. If you post a link to your blog, flickr account, or other place with a picture, that’d be great.



  taraSG wrote @

Oooh I want to do this too!! I need to make a calendar for this…. Hmmm wonder if I can make a Google Calendar you could use…

  Tracy wrote @

I made something!
It’s a ribbon Notice Board for my Postcrassing Postcards


  Tracy wrote @

Sorry, man. got trigger happy with submitting. Here’s my actiual comment post:

I got the idea from a baby magazine a few months back – they used it to displat momentoes.
Since Postcrossing is one of my goals on my 101 list, I made making this Notice board also one of them 🙂 –> and this challenge here at Up For It motivated me do complete it faster.

I used a red board cause my kitchen is red (didn’t know where I wanted to display it) I used orange ribbon cause I love Orange!

It’s hanging next to my computer, and looks really neat – now just to fill it up!

[…] 5 November 2009 · Leave a Comment For lack of a better title: Here is a DIY project for you. I saw it in a magazine a few months back, and was inspired to make my own. Also one of the challenges at Up For It. […]

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