Up for It?

Are you up for the challenge?

Challenge #1: Send 3 Postcards on Postcrossing

Here’s your first challenge!

Challenge:  Send 3 postcards on Postcrossing, Postcrossing is a project that facilitates the exchange of postcards from random places all around the world. It’s free, and you get the same # of postcards you send. Who doesn’t love snailmail? Go on, give it a shot.

Step 1) Visit postcrossing.com.

Step 2) Sign-up for a free account.

Step 3) Buy postcards from your area (try to get ones that highlight your area if possible). You can find postcards at some grocery stores, you just need to look.

Step 4) Send 3 postcards.

Step 5) Post here and let us know what countries you sent them to.

Step 6) Return here and post another comment when you receive your postcards and let us know where they are from and if they have any interesting facts about the area, etc…

Here is your challenge….up for it?


  opicana wrote @

Today I sent postcards to Germany, Finland and Massachusetts (Cape Cod, in fact). I will post again when I receive some back!

  opicana wrote @

My card to Germany was received today! I just got the e-mail! She sent me a message back too. 🙂

  opicana wrote @

My card to Massachusetts arrived!

  Shona wrote @

I have sent three cards to USA, USA, and Russia…

  opicana wrote @

My card to Finland arrived awhile ago, I just forgot to mention it! I also have gotten two cards…will post about those soon when I enter them!

[…] Challenge #1: Send 3 Postcards on Postcrossing […]

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