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Are you up for the challenge?

Challenge #31: Something for a Cause

Challenge #31: Do something good for a cause or charity

Even if you can’t donate money, you can donate time.

Step 1) Decide what you want to do. Do you want to donate some money? Do you want to raise money through a walk or other activity? Do you want to volunteer for an event?

Step 2) If doing an event of some kind, search online for events in your area.

Step 3) Pick your cause.

Step 4) Do the event, or donate to your cause.

Step 5) Post about it here!

Challenge #30: Fan Pack

Challenge #30: Request a Team Fan Pack by mail

I just came across this while looking at “snail mail” sites. Apparently, many professional sports teams giveaway fan packages with lots of cool stuff- stickers, posters, magnets, and even autographs as a form of promotion. Well, I love free stuff by mail. Not a sports fan? Well, neither am I really. I plan on trying for two for Jimmy who does love sports. So, if you aren’t a fan trying getting one for a loved one, they’d make great inexpensive gifts!

Step 1) Go to this website: http://www.hipolitodesigns.com/Topics/FanPacks.cfm and read about fan packs. They have several links there where you can find more info.

Step 2) Check out your team’s website and see if there is any info, if not trying doing a search for your team name and “fan pack”.

Step 3) Apply for a fan pack.

Step 4) Leave comments saying when you applied, when you received, and what you got!

Challenge #29: Beauty Tips

Challenge #29: Leave a comment with 3 beauty tips.

I’m introducing a new category- Beauty Challenges. To kick off this new category, this challenge is about creating a list of beauty tips. They can be your own personal tips, or tips you do from a internet search, or ones you found in a magazine. Later, we will try out some of these tips as separate challenges.

Step 1) Look at the current list of beauty tips in the comments section (if there are any)- this way you make sure not to repeat any.

Step 2) Come up with 3 beauty tips- they can be about any aspect of beauty. They can either be either your own personal tips, or ones you found someplace else.

Step 3) List them here in the comments section.

Blog Challenge Giveaway: Donations? Suggestions?

I’m finally going to do the Blog Challenge Giveaway that I promised ages ago. Remember? No? Well, you get extra entries for participating in the blog challenges.

I’m looking for donations of blog-related things to giveaway, or suggestions of what I could giveaway. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Thanks 🙂

Happy 101 Award

I have been given the Happy 101 award by Rachie X! Thank you! Please go check out her awesome 101 things blog!

The rules for this award are-

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog

2. List who gave you the award and their link

3. List 10 things that make you happy

4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and let them know

Ten Things That Make Me Happy (in no particular order)

1. Games- All kinds. When I want to make myself happy, I play a game. Computer, console, board, card, roleplaying, paper, facebook, doesn’t matter what kind of game, I love ’em.

2. Planning & Lists- Planning, esp. something fun, can make me just as happy as playing a game.

3. Disney- Disney World, especially, but Disney movies, music, characters, love it. Planning a Disney Trip…that is just the best.

4. Popcorn- I love popcorn. period.

5. Cats- All kinds- wild & domestic.

6. Jimmy- Sometimes.

7. Bonus Time- I’m always so busy/stressed that when I miraculously get extra time in my schedule (snow day, cancelled meeting, turning the clocks back) I get very happy.

8. When whatever laboratory procedure I’m doing works correctly

9. When the temps are in the 60’s (F)

10. Accomplishing goals on my 101 list (its like the ultimate to-do list, see #2)

I’m passing this on to:

Emily at Crunchy Big Apple

Rebecca at Rescue Me from Urban Hell

Tracy at Tracy’s Topics

What makes YOU happy??

Challenge #28: Your Vanity

Challenge #28: Organize your vanity.

It doesn’t have to be exactly a “vanity” but wherever you keep the majority of your cosmetics, lotions, personal grooming products, etc…

Step 1) Organize your vanity.

Step 2) Post here!

FYI….I am scared to do mine. I made it a challenge for this reason, it needs some serious organization.

Challenge #27: Those Comments

Challenge #27: Respond to those comments!

Why all the blog challenges? I’m preparing for our next giveaway that will focus on blog challenges! You can start racking up those entries by completing the blog challenges and posting in the comments!

Go back and look through your most recent comments- perhaps the most recent 50 or so. Are there any that you didn’t respond to that warranted a response?

Step 1) Go back and look through your last 30 to 70 comments or so.

Step 2) Identify the ones you think you could have responded to.

Step 3) Respond to those comments!

Step 4) Try to visit at least 3 blogs/links left by your readers, if any.

Step 5) Post here!

Challenge #26: A New Day

Challenge #26: Create a new “day” for your blog

Let’s face it…often times we need some inspiration for our personal blogs. Try creating a new “day” for your blog. Pick a theme for a given day of the week, or day of the month, and try to consistently post about that theme on that day.

Step 1) Come up with a topic, theme, meme, etc…that you think you would like to discuss/share/etc…on a regular basis.

Step 2) Choose how often you want to post about this…every Monday? every 15th of the month? every day at 3pm? days that end in “5”?

Step 3) Create a name for that day and announce it on your blog.

Step 4) Complete at least one entry.

Step 5) Post a link to that entry here!

Examples of “days” from my personal blog include: Sunday Stumblers, Motivational Mondays, Wordle Wednesdays and Focus Fridays.

It’s Been Over a Month…

I know, I know…

I’ve just been so busy…I have way too many things I want to do. I don’t have enough time to do them all, and my friends keep bugging me about getting the other things done….when is the Maine trip info going to be released? When is the Disney marathon? When is the Firefly RPG going to start? When are you going to send out soaps? Have you gotten my letter?

But my rant about me and my ridiculous stack of projects is a post more suited for my personal blog.

I’m going to try to get this blog more active again, if I can’t manage 3 challenges a week, I will at least make sure to get one up.

You know what would help me get more motivated for posting new challenges? Having folks comment here and maybe do a challenge or two and let me know about it! 🙂

Challenge #25: Featured Blog

Challenge #25: Featured Blogs

Take one week, and each day make a “featured blog” post.

Step 1) Choose a blog that you think is good.

Step 2) Write about this blog on your blog.

Step 3) Point out what parts of the blog are good, tell us about the blog, try to round up some hits for the blog.

Step 4) Repeat steps 1-3 each day for seven days in a row for a different blog.